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Midwest Bed Bug Services was started by two brothers from the Kansas City Area. Jason had been in the restoration industry for years and had been offering heat treatments for bed bugs to his clients back when bed bugs was just back up and coming.

Jody came from a logistics and business background. Jason begged....haha... Jody to get involved in the bed bug treatment service and Midwest Bed Bug Services was born. 

Since starting with our first location we have become the premier bed bug removal company in the midwest. Now with 6 locations currently operating and 2 more pending, we can service 8 states in the midwest on a daily basis.

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After trying various insecticides with no luck and throwing away so many belongings I did some shopping around for heat treatments. I found the best deal here with the warranty, and the heat certainly did the trick. I've had no problems since. I appreciated the rep's concern and also that the truck didn't have pictures of bugs painted all over it for my neighbors to know what was going on.

 Lori Lines

I contacted them on their web site around 9 pm on a Tuesday and had a call back from them within 5 minutes. The whole process was fully explained to me but I wanted to check with other places first. Called them back on Thursday and they were out on Friday to treat my house. Haven't seen a bed bug or been bitten since. The treatment wasn't cheap, but this is the only treatment I was confident enough would solve my problem.

 Jonathan Hollingshead

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