Bed Bug Heat Treatment is Faster, More Effective and Less Expensive

People continue to try to get rid of bed bugs using forms of control like spraying chemicals, trying to use powders, throwing away furniture.. There is a better way; Pressurized Bed Bug Heat Treatment is currently the only process on the market with a 100 percent mortality rate for both bed bugs and eggs.. Don’t catch your self falling in to the same trap.. Bed Bug Heat Treatment is Faster and Less expensive for you.

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“Jason came very soon after I called. Took care Of bed bugs with just a few hours of heat. Very professional and knows his business. So relieved—-haven’t seen a bug since, and believe me I am looking for them! If I get them again, no hesitation will call Jason. Hey, that rhymes, I can finally relax somewhat from a very trying experience.”

Leroy M.

Kansas City, MO